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Yoga with zaz -

group classes, one to one sessions or corporate team activities

Taking time for yourself, time to shut the door on the demands of to-do lists, in our group classes we move through sequences with intention, focusing on breath, and to challenge our mind's perceptions and assumptions about what we are capable of.  At the end of practice students have the tools in their arsenal to deal with stress differently, to be flexible and strong, on and off the mat.

Alternatively, one-to-one yoga tuition is a wonderful opportunity to receive focused individual attention, to approach new postures with close guidance and to fine-tune technique, all at a time and in a place that suits the client best.  Sequences and intentions specific to individual needs are created, and modifications to accommodate injury or personal requirements provided.

For corporate clients, there are a variety of options available - from regular weekly classes in house, to planning team sessions and workshops.  Taking the time to pause and reset both mind and body with yoga practice in the workplace, or for team building activities has proven benefits to well-being as well as productivity and overall wellness - get in touch to ask about yoga for groups or individuals at work


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More than just pretty pictures

We all have those moments when we simply can't do something



Not won't, not shouldn't, can't.  

But do we say "can't" before we say "I'll try"?  Do we say "I can't YET"? or just banish possibilities before we've had time to decide whether they are truly not physically possible, or just impractical?

I can't possibly make time to do yoga.... is it can't, or won't?  I went through periods when I was working in a corporate marketing job, then racing home to be with my daughter, and told myself that while I knew I should be doing yoga, I just physically couldn't make the time.  But I could.  I just wouldn't.  

I was overwhelmed by life and I couldn't see how I could find the time.  Yet I found the time to eat (usually), and found the time to go to meetings, and found the time to be available when I was asked to be.  Eventually, I realised that I had to block a space in my work diary as busy, and left the office for that period - replenishing my body, my spirit made me better able to handle my job, made me a happier person, let me know that I was honouring myself, and let others know that I had enough self-love to give myself what I needed.

As for things that we think are physically impossible, and only the super-flexible, or super-strong can achieve - with time and with effort and commitment, with baby steps towards our goals, we unlock our potential.  We discover that we can surprise our mind's denial of ourselves, we can take the voice that says "you can't", and tell it gently

"shh, just watch me try".