What my clients say

Zaz is wonderful at coming up with creative sequencing. Thanks to her I improved a lot of my asanas because she makes me look at the poses from different angles. Most importantly, her classes are full of love! - Ayse


Zaz's flow classes are full on, immersive experiences. She combines a rigorous asana practice with meditation and breathing exercises in an intricate yet seamless mixture. It doesn't matter whether you've been practising yoga for one hour or for twenty years, Zaz offers options that include everyone. Be prepared to work hard, physically and mentally, and to leave feeling uplifted and energised. - Abi


Zaz's classes are very stimulating, a good mix of work and fun, and there is always the opportunity to try a new posture.  My flexibility and strength have definitely improved during the last year - and the massage at the end if a real bonus! - Catherine


Once a week my day begins with a yoga class with Zaz.  That's typically my best day of the week, and keeps me energised through the day. - TW (Private client)


Zaz carefully creates a well rounded flow class, catering to all levels.  She takes great care to adjust poses to your individual needs, and I always leave feeling calm, focussed and energised. - Sarah


Zaz's classes are full of enthusiasm and positive energy.  She adapts the class depending on the level of those present, and always gives options so that everyone pushes themselves to their limits.  I really recommend these classes! - Adrian


Zaz's class is the best start to a week - I come out feeling both energised and relaxed, but it's also a great work out and since starting these weekly classes my flexibility and strength have massively improved. - Lucy


Yoga with Zaz is such a special way to start my week.  Zaz inspires me to find my strength to develop poses as fully as is possible for me, and she carefully checks positions.  I can feel my body becoming stronger and more flexible, and my mind delightfully peaceful. - LH


Zaz is an amazing yogi who knows how to tune into beginners as well as experts, coaching all to improve their yoga to the best of their capabilities - OH (Private client)


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