Retreats & Workshops

Take time for YOU, and deepen and explore your practice with specially themed workshops or retreats. 

Yoga workshops are for all levels focussing on asana (physical) work, meditation and more to deepen your yoga practice.

Retreats - from one day urban yoga retreats, to weekend or week long retreats, leaving you nourished and empowered

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Upcoming events - details below

Please note - spaces on workshops are limited so that I can give lots of individual attention. If you are interested in booking, do get in touch! Mats and Props are provided, however you are welcome to bring your own mat.

10th October 2019 - Arm Balances - let’s fly!

7-9pm, Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Bradmore Park Road, W6

£28.00 Book here via Eventbrite

In this two hour workshop, we will explore arm balances and variations within them for postures such as crow pose, side crow, EPK, elephant’s trunk and flying pigeon. We will do drills to prepare the body, and use props to safely guide us into getting our feet off the ground! For those who wish it, there are interesting and fun transitions to play with, as well as a variations to challenge yourself.

Thursday 31st October - Inversions Part 1 - Lift off!

7-9pm, Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Bradmore Park Road, W6

£28.00 Book here via Eventbrite

Over two hours together we will approach and turn your perspective upside down!

From different ways to enter headstand, exploring different hand positions and how to combine them with arm balances (think headstand to crow, or headstand to flying pigeon and more), this will be a fun workshop to safely get you inverted. My focus is on ensuring that spinal alignment and shoulder and core activation are clearly explained so that you can put them into practice in your body to enjoy inversions and reap the benefits.

Sunday 3rd November - Find Your Flow

1-3pm HotPod Yoga Notting Hill, 1A Great Western Road W9

£25.00 Contact Hot Pod Yoga to book here

Breaking down the Vinyasa sequence, we will go through each posture, looking at alignment, common mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as variations to suit your practice. This class will be very hands-on, so you’ll receive lots of feedback, and have the opportunity to ask any questions in a safe and supportive environment.

Saturday 9th November - The Healing Power of Touch: Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

1.30-3.30pm The Power Yoga Company, Lettice Street, Fulham

£25.00 early bird if booked by 12th October, £30 thereafter

Contact Power Yoga Company to book here

Touch is the most instinctive and primal of healing modalities, think of the power of a hug when you need it most! In this two hour workshop, we will first work individually on techniques for self-healing, and then team up with a partner for an introduction to Thai Yoga Massage, where you will be guided to do and experience a simple Thai massage sequence while fully clothed, as is the tradition with this style of massage.

Monday 11th November - Find your Flight - Inversions workshop with a view!

6.30-8.30pm The Gherkin viewing platform

£28.00 Book here via Eventbrite

Over spectacular views of the City of London at night, we will explore the feeling of getting our feet off the ground, bringing the playful and courageous sensations of being inverted and balancing on our hands into our yoga practice. In this workshop we will visit the variations on crow pose, as well as headstands and handstands. My aim is to make these inversions accessible to all, so come with an open mind, and a willingness to fly!

Thursday 21st November - Inversions Part 2 - Fly higher!

7-9pm, Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Bradmore Park Road, W6

£28.00 (*book with a friend and pay £25 each)

We take our inversions up a notch! This workshop is still suitable for those new to inversions as well as more experienced, as long as you are willing to kick up against a wall… we’ll work on the how! With preparatory drills and core exercises, plus partner and prop use we will explore pincha mayurasana - forearm stand - as well as handstand practice, to leave you with tips and homework to take away with you.

Email to book using the contact me button at the bottom of the schedule page here

Thursday 28th November - The Magic of Mandala Vinyasa & Meditation - plus eats at the end!

7-9.30pm, Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Bradmore Park Road, W6

£32.00 (*book with a friend and pay £28 each)

As we hurtle towards the intensity of the Christmas season, I am so happy to invite you to a magical evening of hitting pause. We will start with a meditation and journaling session, followed by a beautiful Mandala Vinyasa class.

Taking time to sit in meditation and to allow the external and internal noise to subside, we allow our true selves the space to be heard, and to accept whatever we find with love. We’ll then spend a few moments journaling thoughts and feelings that arose in meditation - or simply sitting with whatever has come up, before we move into a mandala vinyasa yoga session.

Mandala vinyasa yoga is a methodology where we move through 360’ during the practice, connecting the 4 Elements, fluidly linking movements, and moving in a natural and instinctive way. The movements create a connection between the elements and its corresponding chakra, to bring light and healing and release blocked energy.

After our practice, I offer some treats to nourish and soothe as we close our time together, looking forward to all that the festive season brings!

Email to book using the contact me button at the bottom of the schedule page here



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