Retreats & Workshops

Take time for YOU with a full day or half day retreat (weekend breaks coming soon!), or deepen and explore your practice with specially themed workshops. 

Please email me via the form on the schedule page to be included on the mailing list to find out about forthcoming retreats and workshops

Workshops 2018

  • Backbend workshop - Thursday 11th January, Yoga West, 8-9.30pm (book with studio here)
  • Yoga 6 - a series of 6 workshops run over 6 months, each focusing on different areas of physical yoga practice, and also including pranayama (breath control) and meditation. 

These workshops are aimed at all levels - perfect for beginners, where we can spend more time focusing on detail in poses, and also hugely helpful for more advanced practitioners to come back to basics, and to explore new ways of accessing more advanced poses. 

  • Yoga 6.1 - Wednesday 31st January: Yoga Fundamentals - Breath, Bhandas and Balance
  • Yoga 6.2 - Wednesday 28th February: - Fantastic props - Expand your practice whether you are a beginner or more advanced practitioner using a range of props simply and creatively that can be found in the studio, or created at home 
  • Yoga 6.3 - Wednesday 18th April: Sun Salutations - Create a strong foundation for your yoga practice by establishing correct alignment in the basic poses and a good rhythm with the breath
  • Yoga 6.4 - Wednesday 23rd May: Hamstrings and Hip Openers - The hips don't lie!  We hold a great deal of emotion in our hips (and in this workshop will discuss how and why), and often spend our lives in closed-hipped postures, sitting or standing.  We will work towards lengthening and opening the hips and hamstrings safely, leading towards more challenging hip opening postures, using props where necessary.
  • Yoga 6.5 - Wednesday 20th June: Backbending heart-openers - Backbends are powerful poses within yoga, with enormous physical and emotional benefits.  This workshop will break down the journey to opening your heart in an accessible and fun way.  Accessible for all levels, we will look at how to progressively prepare the body for coming into backbends, and travel through a few of the different heart opening yoga postures.  
  • Yoga 6.6 - Wednesday 18th July: Arm Balances and Inversions - A mixture of physical and mental strength, arm balances and inversions frequently create apprehension, yet offer great benefits both physically and mentally.  In this workshop I will gently lead you past any fears or misconceptions about arm balances and inversions, introduce strength drills to prepare you to get off your feet, and safely guide you towards poses from crow pose, headstand, handstand and more.


Workshops can be booked individually for £22 each, or as a block of 6 for £118.

Wednesday evenings 7-9pm, venue, Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Bradmore Park Road. 

Email me directly to book or with any questions.  Mats and props provided.


Next retreat Saturday 3rd March! 

In our busy worlds with family and work commitments, it is difficult to find time to put aside for yourself.  Add to this, limited holiday allowance, budget restrictions, and the vision of several days away at a yoga retreat, while alluring, seems such an indulgence. 

With a one day urban yoga retreat, bring yourself to the top of the priority list for a day, enjoy a relaxing and stimulating time with a combination of dynamic vinyasa and restorative yin yoga, the opportunity to explore mindfulness and meditation, eat nourishing and healthy fresh food and juices, and discover something new in exciting workshops

Previous guests have loved their one day retreats with me - Read what a few had to say:

"I loved the sense of community, it felt like sharing a space for people to learn and be together"

"I enjoyed all of it - a really well-rounded yoga day"

"I loved the mix of things, the flow of the day and the focus"

"Time flew by! The overall theme was present in all the practices and talks to really destress and calm the mind"

"The opportunity to relax and unwind was really special! I loved the way the room was laid out, it was all so welcoming.  You made the perfect environment!"

"Love that it's just one day rather than a weekend or week - there was a great mix of activities and styles of yoga"


Next One-Day retreat is on 3rd March 2018 - Early Bird Offer is available until 2nd February!

Spend a wonderful day getting deeper into your yoga practice, and closing off from the outside world.  A day for YOU.

Statistically, by end of February only 8% of people stick to their New Years' Resolutions - this day is a day to set intentions, to consider what you want to manifest for 2018, and and begin to set the foundation to start heading towards your goals.  Shutting yourself off for a day can be a wonderful opportunity to gain some mental space to press pause, and then to reflect and make plans, and this is what I would like to offer you.

We will begin the day with morning meditation (after some delicious welcome smoothies!), and then flow through a dynamic 90 minute Vinyasa practice.  A vegetarian feast will fortify you over lunch, preparing for the afternoon where we have workshops including How to Set up and Maintain a Home Yoga Practice, and Nutrition for You.  At the end of the day, we soften into a calming slow flow, to leave you ready to float home.

The full day including food and workshops is £79, however if you book before 2nd February, you can grab a £10 discount!

For more information, please email me via the contact me button on the schedule page, or if you can't wait to book, you can pay via PayPal, or contact me to arrange bank transfer.  Please ensure that you email me so that I can send a booking form in any case.  Your place is booked upon receipt of payment and the booking form.


The small print - if you need to cancel, you can have a full refund if cancellation is received by 3rd February (1 month before the retreat).  Unfortunately after this date there are no refunds, but you are welcome to pass your place on to a friend as long as this is done by 2 weeks before the retreat date.  In the unlikely event that the retreat is cancelled, you will naturally receive a full refund.


Making shapes to ground and strengthen!

Making shapes to ground and strengthen!