Retreats & Workshops

Take time for YOU, and deepen and explore your practice with specially themed workshops or retreats. 

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Workshops 2018 - details below

Costs & Venue

Workshops can be booked individually for £25 each, or book both together for £46.

Venue: Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Bradmore Park Road. 

Email me directly to book or with any questions.  Mats and props provided.

Retreats / Other events

Yoga Supper Club evening coming soon! Date to be announced.

A delicious evening is being planned, with a juicy vinyasa yoga session, followed by a sumptuous Indian meal! A wonderful evening of yoga and food to stimulate and delight the senses!


17th November, 10-12pm - Architecture of Flight

Learning to float your feet off the ground is a magical feeling, and combines a spirit of playfulness and bravery. In this 2hr workshop we will look at the architecture of flight in common sense and fun ways; how aligning our bones in specific ways helps us to find the sweet spot for equilibrium, and how we build up to balancing on our hands. We’ll work on drills, plus props and partner work to help us discover where strength is needed and how to access it. Come with an open mind, ready to explore what is already in your body.


17th November, 2-4pm - Exploring Space in the Body

Movement is the most natural thing in the world, and our bodies usually respond joyously when we feel free to move and create inner space. In our modern world, we often find ourselves constricted and tension builds up, leading to emotional as well as physical discomfort. In this workshop we will open up hips and hamstrings, as well as the front and back of the body, releasing and lengthening muscles, allowing a freer flow of energy and discovering pockets of space in the body. When we unblock the body, often emotional releases can occur, so we will make space to observe whatever comes up, with time dedicated to meditation and or journaling.