Take time to find focus

September often heralds a bit of a "back to school"feeling, whether you actually are or not. Add to this the fact that summer is drawing to a close, and we are about to head, with breakneck speed, into the countdown to Christmas.

Perhaps - hopefully - you've had a summer with respite from many of the usual activities, and now as the "new term" starts, you're ready to restart your practice, or maybe even start for the very first time, to be ready for the closing of the year with a new mindset, as well as a more supple, stronger body.

In our busy lives, we are always looking for the next thing.  What to make for dinner, where to go on holiday, how to tackle Christmas.  We busy our minds thinking about events to happen in coming months, planning for next week, preparing for tomorrow.  

What about today?  What about being truly, fully, utterly present in NOW?

The practice of mindfulness